Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, we've had a change in plans for Chucuito. Originally, Franci and I were thinking about weaning off our time in Huascar and Yanamayo in December to start strong in Chucuito the beginning of January and focus our efforts there for the last 7 months of our time here. Well, the plan has changed and now we are going to start working two days a week in Chucuito starting tomorrow, Friday!
So what happened that changed our minds? Before and during vacation, I thought a lot about Huascar. Huascar has been our toughest location. It's Huascar where we've had many people tell us they don't want to hear about the Bible because they want to continue dancing and drinking. It's Huascar where we've sat many, many times up on a hill, looking down at the community, praying for contacts, for guidance, for a path to those in this area that are ready to hear God's Story now.
The reality of this work, the reality of this Extreme vision, is that each pair is provided with three communities and is expected to plant a church in each of the three communities in 18 months. Craziness!
Basically, I believe we are here to teach and disciple those who are ready, those in whose hearts God has already been working. Definitely, we are also here to plant seeds, we don't want to overlook anyone, we want to give anyone with the slightest interest in learning more about the Bible and what God has done for us 200% of our efforts. But, the reality is, there are many people who don't want to make a commitment, many people who don't want to go further than talking about the weather.
So, in a meeting with Pastor Herman, we decided to work one day a week in Huascar, three days in Yanamayo, and starting tomorrow, two days a week in Chucuito. Of course, all this can change, but we feel that this is where God is directing us at this point in time. Help us in prayer as we get started in Chucuito and as we change schedules and plans for both Yanamayo and Huascar to make this happen.

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