Thursday, March 31, 2011


Chucuito is the most beautiful of our three communities. It is away from the city, about 30 minutes in a combi. It's to the South of the main city along the shore of Lake Titicaca. Franci and I have not begun to make contacts or work in Chucuito quite yet. For now we are focusing on Huascar and Yanamayo. Each week we dedicate three days to Huascar and three to Yanamayo. Once we get cell groups (small groups) formed in either of these communites, we will begin to venture out to Chucuito. Personally, I'm very excited about Chucuito. Who would not want to work in this beautiful place? Really, all of our communities are beautiful in their own way. Sometimes I think of them as my children. My children are all beautiful in different ways and I love them all. Also, what I've learned from my parents is that you don't treat each child exactly the same but you must adapt your tactics (for lack of a better word) to each child. We don't know yet much of the dynamics of Chucuito and how we will need to approach this place. But, we keep Chucuito in our prayers. Franci and I have a goal to go visit Chucuito once a month while we are focusing in the other communities in order to pray in the community and ask God to prepare them for us and us for them. Take a look at some pictures of Chucuito and fall in love with it like me! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This fountain was completed on January 1st of 1901.

With a beautiful plaza, great views, green landscape, and stone walls, Chucuito is a tourist attraction for its obvious beauty.

We've heard from many people that Chucuito has the best trout. Pastor went out to Chucuito with us one day and treated us to Chucuito trout. Yummy!

Franci and I at a beautiful overlook and a guy hearding his cattle and sheep through town.

Most everything is made of stone; fences, homes, etc.

Here's Franci and I with the sun clock in the Plaza.